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Module D3 Physical (Mechanical )Data Recovery Training

  • Clicking hard drive
  • Drive not spinning
  • Head crash
  • Damaged Platters
  • Actuator failure
  • Stepper motor failure
  • Spindle bearing seizure (block)
  • More voice from hard disk
  • Head stuck on platter
  • Liquid Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Dropped Hard Drives
  • Different voice in different hard disk (video)
  • Common fault and solution in physical repair
  • Data recovery and donors
  • Donors’ Recognition: Firmware Donors, PCB Donors, Head Donors
  • Matching criteria of Donours for hard disk
  • Different models and product detail of hard disk
  • Identify hard disk size, types, models, platter, connection etc from models no
  • Hard disk vendors with model detail
  • Select donor for hard disk to be recover
  • Identify from hard disk
  • Model no
  • Rpm
  • DCM drive configuration matrix (western digital hard disk)
  • Key (Maxtor)
  • Site Code (Seagate hard disk)
  • MLC machine level code(Hitachi, IBM)
  • Firmware code (Seagate, Samsung hard disk)
  • Manufacture dates
  • Manufacture in country
  • Matching donor for western digital hard drive
  • Matching donor for SEAGATE hard drive
  • Matching donor for TOSHIBA hard drive
  • Matching donor for FUJITSU hard disk
  • Matching donor for HITACHI (IBM ) hard drive
  • Matching donor for HITACHI (Native ) hard drive
  • Matching donor for SAMSUNG ″ hard drive
  • Matching donor for Maxtor ″ hard drive
  • Matching donor for QUANTUM-MAXTOR 3.5” hard disk
D3. 3 Data Recovery Instrument detail and using detail with demo on opening hard disk
  • Instrument list demo used for physical data recovery
  • Instrument detail used for data recovery
  • Motor unstuck tools
  • Punching tools
  • Clean room concept
  • Hand gloves, fingers top cover
  • Different instrument used for data recovery centre
  • Replacement of Damaged Heads – Read-Write head change tools
  • Replacement of Magnet – Magnet Exchanger Tools
  • Platter Transplantation — Platter Replacement Tools
  • Seized Damaged Bearings Replacement — Spindle motor Replacement Tools
  • What are clean room data recovery cases?
  • Head swap process for hard drives with or without spacers/bracelet
  • Multiple platter exchange process
  • Clean room or clean bench
  • Hands on practice using HD HPE PRO/ or OTHER INSTRUMENT for data recovery cases.
D3.4 practice on head replacement of hard disk
  • Precaution to be taken before opening hard disk
  • Step by step removing parts guidelines
  • Donor and patient hard disk to be kept ready on bench
  • ow to open hard disk
  • How to use magnet tools for remove top magnet
  • How to remove top magnet
  • How to take out head from hard disk
  • How to swap head from donour to patient
  • How to use head tools to keep distance between heads
  • Ho to split head outside
  • Removing head form 2.5 and 3.5 hard disk
  • Removing and inserting read, write head of different computer hard disk
  • Removing and inserting read write head of different 2.5” hard disk
D3.5 practice on Platter replacement of hard disk
  • How to open screw of platter
  • How to swap platter from donor to patient
  • What care to be taken for platter replacement
  • Removing platter of hard disk
  • Removing and inserting platter of different computer hard disk
  • Removing and inserting platter of different laptop 2.5” hard disk
D3.6 practice on Spindle motor changing of hard disk
  • How to unstuck spindle motor of hard disk
  • How to remove out spindle motor
  • How to replace with donor spindle motor
  • Removing and inserting spindle motor of different computer hard disk
  • Removing and inserting spindle motor of different 2.5” hard disk
D3.7 Basic idea of data recovery from dead pen drive, memory card, flashcard
  • Basic internal structure of pen drive
  • Concept of Swapping chip of pen drive
  • Basic repairing idea of pen drive
  • Bios programmer xeltek super pro idea for reading chip
D3. 8 Introduction to Hard Disk Firmware repair instrument list
  • Introduction to Different firmware repair instrument/software list detail
  • Ace lab original pc3000
  • DFL Data Recovery Equipments
  • Salvation data product
  • Firmware repair software without hard ware
D3. 9 Data recovery common problems and solution flow chart
  • Hard drive does not get detected
  • Hard drive gets detected but data is inaccessible
  • Hard disk drive displays no sign of power and/or no sound of the drive “winding up
  • Hard disk drive powers up & then spins constantly with a loud winding sound
  • Hard drive powers up and then winds down, non-responsive
  • Hard drive unit emits an OCCASIONAL clicking sound
  • Hard drive unit emits a CONSTANT clicking sound
  • Hard drive unit powers up, but the drive does not mount, and there is no discernible data read/write sound
  • Hard drive powers up and a scraping sound is audible
  • Hard drive has been exposed to water damage
  • Hard drive unit has been exposed to fire
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